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Cost-effective accountancy for schools  If you’ve already been through an audit or had to hit one or more of your financial deadlines as an Academy School, then you’ll almost certainly have experienced the stress and sleepless nights that can be part of the process. 


Putting systems in place  

We help schools to avoid this by putting the right systems in place. If your financial records are in a mess, we can come in and create order. This means that when those deadlines are looming, all of the financial information you need is already close at hand. 

Cost-effective, flexible accountancy services  

With AJS Education Services you can meet all of your financial and legal obligations without the related headaches. We offer a flexible range of services to suit you, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the costs. One of our key commitments is to keep our services cost-effective for schools. 

The Academy Trusts that work with us:  

Save money 
Avoid financial headaches 
Ensure a smooth running school 
Please take a look around our website, and if you’d like to have a no-obligation conversation to see if we could help your Academy School or Trust, then please get in touch.  

Our Ethos 

We deliberately keep our overheads low so we can pass those savings onto schools. We don’t have fancy offices to maintain or overpaid consultants working with us, so we can keep accountancy prices at an affordable level. 
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We Do 

Specialist Education Sector Accountancy 

Finances need not be a headache. 

Ongoing help and assistance 

We check regularly to see that our schools are maintaining the right financial records and nothing has been missed. 

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Cost effective, specialist, Flexible and supportive. 
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