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About Us 

It’s common for Academy Schools, especially newly converted schools, to put off dealing with some or all of their financial commitments. It could be that there is no-one in the school that has the required skills and experience to deal with the accounting requirements, so everything is postponed until a financial deadline is imminent. 

How can AJS Education Services help?  

We’re used to coming into schools and helping them to pull together all the information that’s needed to enable them to hit the relevant deadlines. Once that’s done, we’ll help that school to put in place the right systems and processes so that the next deadline is much less stressful. We can do the same for your school. 

Training Your Team  

Once you have the right systems in place, you may want to invest in training your team. We can help with this, making sure that your business manager, governors and other key members of staff understand their responsibilities as part of an Academy School. 

About Alex Smith  

Alex is the founder of AJS Education Services. He’s an accountant and experienced former Financial Director who now channels his expertise into helping Academy Schools and Trusts with their finances and legal obligations. 
With two school-age children himself, Alex is passionate about helping schools to avoid overspending on the services they use. He has worked in schools to help them unpick their finances when the year-end deadline is looming, and he’s keen to help headteachers and senior leadership teams avoid that stress in the future. 
If your school needs help to meet a deadline, or to get the right systems and processes in place, or you’d simply like to have a no-obligation conversation with a specialist accountant. 
Please call Alex on 07880 035853 or email alex@ajseducationservices.co.uk 
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