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Why Work With AJS 

You’re probably well aware of all the consultants and support companies out there who work with Academy Trusts and schools. Many are respectable, but there are some who are motivated solely by cash. Their goal is to profit from the education sector. 

At AJS, our motivation is different. Alex Smith, the founder of this accountancy practice, has two school age children himself and has always set out to make his services cost effective for Academy Trusts. His goal is to help your school or trust to set up systems and processes so that it’s easy for you to meet your statutory deadlines in a cost effective way. After all, getting things right as you go along is always going to be quicker and easier than trying to pull all the information together at the last minute, right before a deadline. 

AJS Education Services offers a service that is 
Cost effective 
From recommending more budget-friendly software, to streamlining your record keeping, we’ll work in a way that means you save money, freeing up more resources for teaching and learning. 
We work with numerous Academy Schools and Trusts, and we understand your requirements. Whether you’re about to convert, newly converted or an established Academy School, we can help. 
Wherever you are, and whatever state your financial records are in, we can come in and get things straightened out. You might have things on track and you just need an accountant to come in and keep things ticking over, or perhaps you’re in a bit of a mess and need someone to come in and make sense of everything. 
Either way, we can take away the headaches and help you to meet your statutory obligations. 
With us you’ll get support at the level you need. Whether you need one accountant to put systems in place for you, or a whole team to help you meet a deadline, we can help. Our specialist team works with trusts of all sizes. 
Get In Touch 
Once you have systems in place and regular contact with your accountant, it becomes much easier to meet your financial and legal obligations. This frees up your time and energy, and your staff’s time and energy, to focus on the most important elements of running a school – the teaching and learning. 
If your school needs help to meet a deadline, or to get the right systems and processes in place, or you’d simply like to have a no-obligation conversation with a specialist accountant. 
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